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Books for Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle

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Delia's Vegetarian Collection : Delia Smith
Delia Smith has selected vegetarian recipes from her existing books plus 50 new recipes, providing over 250 recipes and 200 colour photographs. A useful book for anyone wanting to eat well without meat or fish; for those who like to cook vegetarian dishes occasionally or as part of a meal; and for those who want to cook for vegetarian friends or family.

Leith's Vegetarian Bible : Polly Tyrer
This tome of vegetarianism is packed with 1000 recipes ranging from starters to desserts and accompaniments, as well as handy information on nutrition and managing a non-meat diet. The book is arranged by vegetable type, so it's easy to look up recipes that use what you've got in the pantry. Information such as the peak season for each vegetable and the vitamins found in each is also included. Polly Tyrer and the other four contributing authors offer a wide range of recipes from all over the world. A classic !

The Cranks Bible : Nadine Abensur
THE CRANKS BIBLE is the definitive classic collection of Nadine Abensur's recipes for Cranks. Drawing on a breadth of knowledge of meat-free cooking, Nadine creates over 200 recipes in tune with today's style for lighter, healthier eating. There are anecdotes about the most important ingredients used, as well as handy tips on cooking techniques and how to find and buy the freshest produce. THE CRANKS BIBLE is packed with tasty treats and thematic ideas, from Spinach Soup and Mile High Pie to Fresh Fig and Port Sorbet. Above all, this book is about good cooking for the 21st century, and about eating healthily and well - and enjoying the process of making mouth-watering food.

1001 Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes : Sue Spitler
Filled with low-fat recipes, this guide to 'cooking lean' includes instructions for preparing delicious appetizers, entrees, salads, soups, breads, and desserts, including nutritional information and diabetic exchanges with each recipe. Original and challenging. An advanced cookbook for the able vegetarian cook who wants to move on to more challenging and rewarding recipes.

Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes : Carol Timperley
Containing 150 quick and easy recipes for young children that have been approved by The Vegetarian Society, this book covers the major milestones in dietary development, offers general nutritional guidelines, lists of foods to introduce and avoid, and a host of practical hints and tips.

Vegan Planet : Neal D. Barnard
400 Irresistible Recipes with Fantastic Flavors from Home and Around the World. A world of delicious choices to the millions of people who are vegans; vegetarians looking to move away from dairy and eggs; non-vegetarians who have food sensitivities or are simply trying to eat healthier. The vegan diet consists solely of plant-based ingredients. A vegan diet contains no eggs, dairy, or other animal products, including honey, but is chock full of delicious, nutritious, and satisfying whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and proteins from plant sources. Robin Robertson shows how to make vegan cuisine exciting, flavourful, and full of variety. First she provides a complete rundown on the vegan pantry and the tremendous health benefits of this way of eating. Then she presents 400 tantalising new recipes for breakfast (Pumpkin Pie Pancakes), lunch (Fried Green Tomato Po-Boys), and dinner (Hot Tamale Vegetable Pie).

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