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name town cuisine
Terre a TerreBrighton World
Seasons of LewesLewes Wholefood
GardeniaBrighton World
Food for FriendsBrighton World
The Snowdrop InnLewes World
Iydea Vegetarian KitchenBrighton World
WagamamaBrighton Japanese
Bombay Aloo Indian Vegetarian RestaurantBrighton Indian
The Hop PolesBrighton World
Wai Kika Moo KauBrighton World
KrakatoaBrighton Oriental
Infinity Foods CafeBrighton Wholefood
Red VegBrighton Fast food
The Eagle Bar and BakeryBrighton World
The GeorgeBrighton World
Sanctuary CafeHove World
Coopers CaskHove Wholefood
RevitaliseHove World