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Vegetarian Links

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Vegetarian Sites - auctions, buy and sell, exchange, share, support, deal with other vegetarians and find hard-to-get eco-friendly products and services.

Find Your Local Group - via the Veg.Soc network - the main place for local knowledge.

The Vegetarian Society - The national society for vegetarians and the main source for all things vegetarian.

Vegetarian USA - comprehensive listing for all things vegetarian by USA State.

Veg Folk - Norfolk portal site featuring many links to sites of interest to vegetarians.

Vegetarian Resource Group - is a non-profit educational organization which publishes the Vegetarian Journal. Their site has much information covering many aspects of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Veggies.Co.UK - a site that exists to ensure that where products are sold as being suitable for vegetarians that they actually are.

Veggie Vision - Internet TV station for vegetarians - join their newsletter to get the latest news on all things veggie.